February 24, 2010

Double Dipping into my blogging past, I bring you fool's gold from February 2008:


The calendar year so far has been challenging healthwise, not to say traumatic, just annoying.  But at least I like my doctor and his staff, I have health insurance and am 100% certain that I am the only person any of you know (virtually or in reality) who has received the diagnoses of the following two afflictions within the same month, afflictions which are demographically and nomenclaturally (is that a word?) comical.  Are you ready?  You will think me a liar and a fraud, but perhaps a more interesting party guest (at least after the anti-biotics are finished):  Thrush and scurvy.  Yes, I have gone from infant to pirate, traveled from crib to high seas, pacifier to cutlass, all within four to six weeks time.  I'm thinking next up for me will probably be St. Vitus Dance, carbuncles or cat scratch fever.  And of course I always mistake whooping cough for a good old time, until I have it. (Note to pirates, mothers of babies with thrush, and sufferers or caregivers of others with unfortunately named diseases:  I am really not intending to make light of any affliction or hardship caused by ill health, only the names we attach to these afflictions.  Please take this in the spirit I offer. Signed, Dr. Smart Ass)


This is apparently today's reference image for scurvy, according to the world wide inter-web-net.  I don't actually feel this menacing or criminally inclined right now, although I wouldn't put it past me, if you know what I mean.

This is not at all what thrush looked or felt like.  If this is what thrush looked or felt like, people would be lining up to catch it.  I chose this image to represent my bout with thrush because if you do your own damned search for images you will be disgusted and thank me for not posting anything other than this nice woman resting peacefully with HER MOUTH SHUT.

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